RICHE | Africa Workshop on Healthy Cities

Intersectoral approaches to non-communicable disease prevention in Africa

Held at Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, Cape Town, South Africa,
2-4 December, 2019

Africa is experiencing a double burden of disease. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease are overshadowing the gains recorded in communicable disease prevention.

But cities in Africa also represent an opportunity to take the lead on re-thinking strategies to turn the tide of this emerging NCD epidemic.

This conference was organised by the Research Initiative for Cities Health and Equity (RICHE) Africa in association with GDAR and:

The workshop:

  • convened key urban policy actors, researchers and multilateral regional and global actors working across different sectors to explore inter-sectoral approaches to NCD prevention through urban interventions that support healthy diets and active living across Africa
  • facilitated capacity building for urban and regional actors, policy makers and researchers on promoting and implementing a “healthy city” approach to sustainable development
  • developed approaches and partnerships for co-created and contextualized knowledge on effective intersectoral interventions for NCD prevention in Africa.

Workshop report