The first stage of GDAR Network was funded by the NIHR Global Health Research initiative from 2017-2021. Our goal in that period has been to lay the foundations for a well-functioning Network, and innovative research in diet and physical activities in low and middle income settings.

The priorities for research were set jointly with our partners and informed by consultation with their stakeholders. Leadership for different aspects of the research, and activities to build capacity, have been shared according to expertise across the whole network.

Areas of research

The Work Packages in the GDAR portfolio, 2017-21 were:

Evidence synthesis and modelling

  • Evidence review and synthesis. Identifying and reviewing published and grey literature from Africa and the Caribbean to investigate the determinants of diet and physical activity in low and middle income country (LMICs).
  • Health impact modelling. Exploring data for the modelling within each of the partners’ settings, and estimating the health impacts of current travel patterns, and of potential changes in those impacts if travel patterns were changed.

Policy analysis

The food and built environment

Interventions and evaluations