Citizen Science and Health Equality

A collaboration between four University networks, including GDAR, worked on a project aiming to assess the role of adolescents’ advocacy in addressing the barriers influencing healthy eating, physical activity, hygiene, and safety within the school environment in high schools in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

UN Habitat: Integrating Health in Urban and Territorial Planning

A sourcebook for urban leaders, health and planning professionals

This sourcebook aims to detail why health needs to be part of urban and territorial planning and how to make this happen.

The Lancet Nigeria Commission

Investing in health and the future of the nation

Tolu Oni acted as one of the commissioners of this Lancet series and is an author on:

You can also listen to a podcast exploring how Nigeria’s history affects today’s health system, & the challenges & opportunities for Nigeria in the future.

COVID-19 prevention information translated into several widely spoken African languages

An Engage Africa Foundation translation team led by Ebele Mogo, a member of the Global Diet and Activity Research (GDAR) Network, has translated information on preventing the transmission of COVID-19 into 19 languages spoken across Africa.

Turning the tide

In 2020 GDAR collaborated up with NCD Alliance and BBC StoryWorks as part of Turning the Tidea series of short films about the bold actions being carried out by communities and organisations to take on NCDs. The stories are about the small and significant changes being made for better, healthier lives.

The GDAR film shines the spotlight on a citizen science study we conducted in partnership with young people and communities in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The study seeks to understand more about how neighbourhoods and daily routines affect health.

More outputs

The case for community-based approaches to integrated governance of climate change and health: perspectives from Lagos, Nigeria
Tolu Oni, Taibat Lawanson and Ebele Mogo
Part of a new special issue from The British Academy Climate Change, Public Health and Wellbeing

The Right to Healthy Environments and Space for Physical Exercise
Tolu Oni, Vicki Lambert, and Kent Buse.
 Health and Human Rights Journal, 8 December 2020

Slum Health: Arresting COVID-19 & Improving Well-Being in Urban Informal Settlements
Jason Corburn, David Vlahov, Blessing Mberu, Lee Riley, Waleska Teixeira Caiaffa et al
Journal of Urban Health (2020) 97, 348–357.